Monthly meeting

  • Tuesday, October 18, 2016

    6:30 PM

  • Park Plaza Restaurant

    220 Cadman Plaza West, Brooklyn, NY (map)

  • In the back of the large dining room
  • At the start of the agenda, attendees will be invited to make announcements, and introduce themselves. After, we will conduct some BLP business, to be announced. Following that will be the “Hands-On” part, which includes a “Show & Tell” when attendees are invited to bring any object, souvenir, or memento that’s “libertarian-ish” to entertain and enlighten us.

    And then with three weeks before election day (Nov 8), we will talk about getting votes for Gary Johnson and Alex Merced. While we all like to see Alex win his Senate challenge, how can we get GJ more than the 42,452 votes he received from NYS voters in 2012? (BTW, Jill Stein had received 35,595 votes. See:

    The High Street Station of the A train is nearby. (If you’re coming from Brooklyn, get on the third car from the front, or the back if you’re coming from Manhattan. Go upstairs and walk a short distance straight ahead.) The Clark Street Station of the 2&3 Lines is also nearby. (When you leave by the Exit to the left of the turnstiles, you’ll see a Gristede’s market across the street. Walk through the store-lined alley to its left; PPR is at the end.)

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