It will be held on Tuesday, September 20, 2016 in Conference Room 7 of the Shelby White and Leon Levy “Info Commons” at the Central Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, located at Grand Army Plaza, from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM, but you can arrive at 6:00 if you’d like to help set up. (Closest subway station: Eastern Parkway/Brooklyn Museum of the 2&3 lines.)

As usual, we will have an exciting and entertaining agenda. In particular, two items:

1. “Dress rehearsal” for Atlantic Antic on Sunday, September 25. As in the past several AA events, the BLP will have a booth there. And as with past AA events, we will have it in conjunction with the Manhattan LP. During this rehearsal, we will, among other things, go through “Operation Political Homeless” procedures, and discuss how to campaign for Gary Johnson and Alex Merced, and possibly other LP candidates. Please note: We may not solicit or collect any money for the candidates, but we may direct AA attendees to where they can donate.

Your help at the booth is greatly needed and appreciated. And FYI, here are “official” AA documents that show: 1. Our permit; 2. Our booth’s location (on the South side of Atlantic Avenue, near Henry Street); and 3. Some “rules and regulations.” See:

2. John Clifton will honor us by being our first featured speaker this year. John’s topic will be: “9-11: Fifteen Years Later.” John is a long time LP activist who ran as the LP candidate for U.S. Senator, Governor, and City Council, among other offices. John was also a former “Submariner” with the U.S. Navy, having served on two “boomers.”

And we will also have the usual stuff on the agenda, including announcements, BLP business and, our special, “Show & Tell.”

Join us for a interesting, and entertaining evening. Admission, of course, is free.

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